Adapt Series 6kVA - UPS

Product positioning of Adapt series UPS?

- Adapt series UPS is applicable to server room, etc., to protect key equipment including servers and
network communication
- Fully support Emerson Optimize IT integrated solution
- Black body design reflects the harmonious matching with the server and cabinet

How can Adapt series UPS ensure high reliable power supply?

- Double-conversion online design, no interruption when AC mains fail
- Support N+X redundant mode and realize highly increased system reliability
- DSP full-digital control with high output voltage precision
- Use the latest IGBT components to withstand big fluctuation of input mains voltage
- Standard input anti-surge circuit with strong mains surge resistance

 How can Adapt series UPS protect the environment?

- Good energy-saving performance with an overall efficiency of over 94%
- Input power factor is up to 0.99 with high electric energy utility rate
- Comply with EU RoHS directives and the materials/manufacturing processes are free of poisonous substances
- Adjustable speed intelligent fan with automatic speed adaptation effectively saves energy and reduces noise
- Provide ECO operation mode with efficiency up to 98% and remarkable energy-saving performance

 How can Adapt series UPS save money for you?

- Up to 0.9 output power factor, capable of powering more loads
- Support parallel expanded operation, without the need of complex parallel subrack
- High system efficiency, power saving and low operational cost
- High power density realizes smaller footprint of rack

How can Adapt series UPS realize convenient maintenance?

- Provide ultra-large LCD and LED display, so all kinds of operation data/system status/historical information is visible
- Angle of the display panel can be adjusted freely according to different ways of installation, convenient and directly visible

How can Adapt series UPS improve the reliability of solution?

- Be compatible with three-single/single-single (6/10kVA) and three-single/three-three (16/20kVA) design and applicable to all kinds of applications
- Support parallel operation , so the system capacity can be flexibly expanded
- Backup time can be prolonged through cascaded connection

 How can Adapt series UPS meet various monitoring requirements?

- Provide USB monitoring interface
- Provide SIC card that can acquire environmental data and support auto-shutdown function of the server
- Host computer software supports various operating systems such as Windows/ Linux/ HP-UX/Sun Solaris/IBM AIX
- Compatible with Emerson monitoring platform of SiteMonitor and supporting Web monitoring
- Provide Mib database so the UPS can be connected to all kinds of NMS systems

How Adapt series UPS protects and prolongs the battery life?

- Extra-wide input voltage/frequency range effectively reduces the discharging times of the battery and
prolongs the battery life
- Temperature compensation function reduces influence of ambient temperature on the battery life
- Extra strong charging capability effectively reduces the battery re-charging time
- The number of battery sets can be arranged flexibly, facilitating utilization of the battery system (20kVA)
- Support common batteries (20kAV) and save battery investment

Product features

- Ultra high power density
- Ex tra wide input voltage/frequenc y range, adaptable to bad mains environment
- Up to 0.9 output power factor, supporting the electrical features of the latest server
- Efficiency of the system up to 92% ~94%
- Compatible with three-phase and single-phase, suitable for different applications
- Rack-mount/tower installation compatible
- Support parallel expended operation
- Provide rich rack options, easy for integration of switching/monitoring within the rack
- Can be connected to Emerson Optimize IT monitoring system smoothly





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ModelStandard ModelLong delay model
Input parameters
Rectifier typeIGBT rectifier
Rated Voltage220/380Vac single-phase three-wire/three-phase four-wire
Input voltage rangesingle-phase 120Vac-288Vac
Input frequency range45Hz65Hz
Input power factor>=0.99 for Single-phase/>=0.95 for three-phase
Battery typeLead-acid maintenance-free battery
Charging capability<6h for 90% re-charging of standard model
Battery backup time of standard model> 5 minutes
No. of Battery16
Output parameters
Rated power10kVA/9KW
Rated voltageSingle-phase 220Vac
Voltage precision3%
Frequency precision0.25%
Output voltage THD<3% for linear load, <5% for non-linear load
Load crest factor3:1(comply with IEC 62040-3)
Step load performance100%
Output modeTerminal strip
Overload performance (% of the rated load)105%˜125%5mins‚
500ms for over 150%
System parameters and standard
Conversion typeOnline double conversion
Parallel mode1+1
Installation modeRack-mount/tower compatible
System efficiency>92.5%
Switching time0 ms
LanguageChinese and English
LCD displayYes (optional)
Electromagnetic compatibilityIEC/EN 62040-2IEC/EN61000-3-11IEC/EN61000-3-12YD/T1095-2008
Surge protectionIEC/EN 62040-2,meeting IEC/EN61000-4-5
Protection LevelIP20
Dimensions (mm)105%˜125% 5mins‚
125%˜150% 1min‚
500ms for over 150%
435× 640× 85
Net weight(Kg)20.8 (without battery)21.5
Warranty1 Year
Communication and management
Interface typeUSB/intelligent slot (dry contact card/SIC card/ Modbus card/RS485 card)
Management softwareSiteMonitor
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature+40 Degrees
Relative humidity5-95% without condensation
Max. altitude<1500m(when the altitude exceeds 1500m, derating is required according to GB/T3859.2)


Name of Optional partRemark
Battery module2U, suitable for 6 to 20kVA equipment, with sixteen 12V cells
Optional     communication             partsSIC CardNetwork monitoring SIC card, used for remote TCP/IP Web monitoring, supporting remote shutdown. It has expanded port to get access to temperature and humidity sensor
Dry contact cardDry contact for UPS, providing four relay signal outputs and three discrete inputs
Modbus cardModbus component for UPS, used for access to BMS building monitoring system
RS485 card485 card, used for connection between UPS and RDU-A IDC room intelligent monitoring unit or cascading communication of parallel system
Rail/rackExpansible rail, applicable to all kinds of server cabinet, load capacity 50Kg
Parallel cable componentParallel communication cable component (required for parallel system)
10A charger moduleSuitable for 6 to 10kVA equipment, providing additional 10A charging current and used for quick charging for ultra-long backup time (>4h)
LCD panelSuitable for 6 to 10kVA equipment, used for field substitution of LED panel and displaying UPS operation status in both Chinese and English
Temperature sensorTemperature sensor with LCD display, can be connected to a SIC card
Temperature and humidity sensorTemperature and humidity sensor with LCD display, can be connected to a SIC card
SiteMonitor softwareMonitoring software in network version, divided as 5 nodes, 5 to 20 nodes and no restriction version



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