Adapt Series 6kVA - UPS

Product positioning of Adapt series UPS?

- Adapt series UPS is applicable to server room, etc., to protect key equipment including servers and
network communication
- Fully support Emerson Optimize IT integrated solution
- Black body design reflects the harmonious matching with the server and cabinet

How can Adapt series UPS ensure high reliable power supply?

- Double-conversion online design, no interruption when AC mains fail
- Support N+X redundant mode and realize highly increased system reliability
- DSP full-digital control with high output voltage precision
- Use the latest IGBT components to withstand big fluctuation of input mains voltage
- Standard input anti-surge circuit with strong mains surge resistance

 How can Adapt series UPS protect the environment?

- Good energy-saving performance with an overall efficiency of over 94%
- Input power factor is up to 0.99 with high electric energy utility rate
- Comply with EU RoHS directives and the materials/manufacturing processes are free of poisonous substances
- Adjustable speed intelligent fan with automatic speed adaptation effectively saves energy and reduces noise
- Provide ECO operation mode with efficiency up to 98% and remarkable energy-saving performance

 How can Adapt series UPS save money for you?

- Up to 0.9 output power factor, capable of powering more loads
- Support parallel expanded operation, without the need of complex parallel subrack
- High system efficiency, power saving and low operational cost
- High power density realizes smaller footprint of rack

How can Adapt series UPS realize convenient maintenance?

- Provide ultra-large LCD and LED display, so all kinds of operation data/system status/historical information is visible
- Angle of the display panel can be adjusted freely according to different ways of installation, convenient and directly visible

How can Adapt series UPS improve the reliability of solution?

- Be compatible with three-single/single-single (6/10kVA) and three-single/three-three (16/20kVA) design and applicable to all kinds of applications
- Support parallel operation , so the system capacity can be flexibly expanded
- Backup time can be prolonged through cascaded connection

 How can Adapt series UPS meet various monitoring requirements?

- Provide USB monitoring interface
- Provide SIC card that can acquire environmental data and support auto-shutdown function of the server
- Host computer software supports various operating systems such as Windows/ Linux/ HP-UX/Sun Solaris/IBM AIX
- Compatible with Emerson monitoring platform of SiteMonitor and supporting Web monitoring
- Provide Mib database so the UPS can be connected to all kinds of NMS systems

How Adapt series UPS protects and prolongs the battery life?

- Extra-wide input voltage/frequency range effectively reduces the discharging times of the battery and
prolongs the battery life
- Temperature compensation function reduces influence of ambient temperature on the battery life
- Extra strong charging capability effectively reduces the battery re-charging time
- The number of battery sets can be arranged flexibly, facilitating utilization of the battery system (20kVA)
- Support common batteries (20kAV) and save battery investment

Product features

- Ultra high power density
- Ex tra wide input voltage/frequenc y range, adaptable to bad mains environment
- Up to 0.9 output power factor, supporting the electrical features of the latest server
- Efficiency of the system up to 92% ~94%
- Compatible with three-phase and single-phase, suitable for different applications
- Rack-mount/tower installation compatible
- Support parallel expended operation
- Provide rich rack options, easy for integration of switching/monitoring within the rack
- Can be connected to Emerson Optimize IT monitoring system smoothly





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Long delay model
Input parameters
Rectifier typeIGBT rectifier
Rated Voltage380Vac, three-phase four-wire
Input voltage rangethree-phase 228Vac-478Vac
Input frequency range40Hz˜70Hz
Input power factor>0.99 at full load
Battery typeLead-acid maintenance-free battery
Charging capabilityMax. charging power 4.5KW
Battery backup time of standard model>5 minutes
No. of Battery30 - 36 (Selected on site)
Output parameters
Rated power20kVA/18KW
Rated voltageThree-phase 380Vacsingle-phase 220Vac
Voltage precision1%
Frequency precision0.25%
Output voltage THD<2% for linear load, <5% for non-linear load
Load crest factor3:1(comply with IEC 62040-3)
Step load performance100%
Output modeTerminal strip
Overload performance (% of the rated load)105%˜125%5mins‚
200ms for over 150%
System parameters and standard
Conversion typeOnline double conversion
Parallel mode1+1
Installation modeRack-mount/tower compatible
System efficiencyUp to 94%
Switching time0 ms
LanguageChinese and English
LCD displayYes (Standard)
Electromagnetic compatibilityIEC/EN 62040-2IEC/EN61000-3-11IEC/EN61000-3-12YD/T1095-2008
Surge protectionIEC/EN 62040-2,meeting IEC/EN61000-4-5
Protection LevelIP20
Dimensions (mm)435× 750× 130 (3U)
Net weight(Kg)35
Warranty1 Year
Communication and management
Interface typeUSB/intelligent slot (dry contact card/SIC card/ Modbus card/RS485 card)
Management softwareSiteMonitor
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature0+40 Degrees
Relative humidity5-95% without condensation
Max. altitude<2000m(when the altitude exceeds 2000m, derating is required according to GB/T3859.2)



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