Mode of action:

Antilux 111, with its reduced solubility migrates to the surface of the vulcanizates where it forms a complete protective film which remeins stable at temperatures up to about 50 °C. The formation of the film takes place at a slow rate. The protective film shows an excellent stability against dynamic stress. Antilux 111 provides a most effective long term protection.


The pastille form provides easier weighing and mixing. To ensure a good dispersion it is recommended to add Antilux 111 right at the beginning of the mixing cycle. The mixing temperature should exceed the melting point of the anti-check wax.


Tires: 1-4 phr, conveyor belts: 2-6 phr, other technical rubber articles < 10 phr, depending on type of compound


Tires and conveyor belts as well as technical rubber articles of all kinds which are used at higher service temperatures. Antilux 111 meets test specifications at ozone chamber temperatures of about 50 °C. The protection may be extended by means of blending with lower melting Antilux grades.

Storage stability

In original closed containers under cool and dry conditions max. 3 year


For additional handling information on Antilux 111 please consult current safety data sheet.

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20 kg PE bags on 1040 kg skid

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Compositionblend of selected paraffins and micro-waxes with broad molecular weight distribution
Appearancelight green flakes
Density, 20 degree celsiusapprox. 900 kg/m3
Congealing point (ISO 2207)64-67 degree celsius
Physiological propertiessee safety data sheet



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