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Internal Audit outsourcing and Compliance services

Of course you want your internal audit function to help maintain compliance—but a high-quality outsourced audit function can provide benefits well beyond fulfilling your organization’s obligations. You want to work with a firm that brings an understanding of your industry, knowledgeable staff, and experience that will instill confidence in your board, your investors, and the public while uncovering ways to reduce your costs, streamline your operations, and improve your organization’s value.
The dedicated professionals at Avix Consulting Group will become an extension of your organization and provide a thorough understanding of internal controls, system controls, and business processes. And because we organize our professionals by industry, you’ll gain the efficiency of working with a turnkey team: one who’s already well versed in the requirements and best practices of your industry and can provide you with excellent value in exchange for the time and resources you invest in your audit.
Your internal audit function will benefit from a proven methodology that aligns the correct internal controls with your company’s risks and exposures. You’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve not only met your compliance and business needs but brought your organization closer to achieving its performance goals.

Our team brings deep expertise in a wide variety of areas, including:

- Operations
- Compliance
- ISO Standards Compliance

Internal audits for:

- ISO 9001:2008 |9001:2015
- ISO 14001:2008 | 14001:2015
- BS OHSAS 18001
- ISO 27001
- ISO 13053
- SA 8000
- Information technology
- Risk assessment and risk management
- Fraud prevention

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What We Offer


Voluntary Compliance

- ISO 9001:2008 & the new Standard ISO 9001:2015
- ISO 14001:2004  & the new Standard ISO 14001:2015
- ISO 27001
- BS OHSAS 18001
- ISO 27001
- ISO 13053
- HACCP 22000
- SA 8000
- Facilitation of Standards Integration

Statutory Compliance

- Company Act 2007
- Factory Ordinance
- SHE Compliance

Business Solution

- Coordinate with the organization’s governance, risk, and compliance program
- Boost operational efficiency and performance
- Identify and manage emerging risks more effectively
- Identify variance against budgets

Management Information Systems (MIS)

- Dashboard/Business cockpit
- Analytics – Averages, Variances, Outliers, etc


- Continuous Improvement
- Process Management
- Transformational Management
- Process reingeneering


- 5S implementation, Monitoring & Audits
- Lean & Kaizen, Six Sigma Project Implementation/Monitoring

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