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Is your manufacturing plant currently experiencing quality issues with one or more of your products? Are you having trouble determining the cause of those issues?

Finding the root cause of a quality issue is a problem that many service/manufacturers experience. Having a team that is close to the process attempt to detect the problem can make it more difficult to determine the issues. By bringing in an experienced consultant/project manager from Avix Consulting, you will receive an unbiased, outsider perspective with the capability to not only help determine where the issue began and currently resides, but also develop an appropriate solution and action plan to help remedy the situation.

Our Approach

Avix Consulting will come to your facility and work with your team to learn how to effectively use theDMAIC improvement cycle to help you:

- Define the issues by identifying the problem
- Measure the process to establish a baseline for how it is currently performing
- Analyze each step to pinpoint where the differences occur between how the process is currently performing and how it should perform to determine what is driving  the variation
- Improve the ability to eliminate the issues by developing pointed solutions to confront the sources of variation
- Control the results and the process in order to sustain the changes made

Avix Consulting can help train your staff on the following Six Sigma belt levels:

- Green Belt –become a Six Sigma Practitioner and gain the knowledge to complete projects or manage a team to carry out those projects
- Black Belt – once you are a Green Belt, earn a Black Belt and gain advanced statistical knowledge to become an expert in the six sigma tools
- Yellow Belt – as a team member of a Six Sigma organization, you will be able to support green and black belts within the project team
- White Belt – gain a basic understanding of the Six Sigma methodology and understand the terminology associated with the tools


By implementing Six Sigma within your Service/manufacturing plant, you will be able to:

- Strive to produce no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunity
- Eliminate product quality defects
- Measure your return on investment
- Achieve a high rate of return on your investment
- Pinpoint what your dollars are getting you
- Reduce waste of scrap or defective products
- Improve customer satisfaction and retention
- Be more informed to make better decisions
- Decrease cost of production of services
- Increase autonomy amongst staff
- Increase employee satisfaction and retention
- Reduce non-value activities
- Reduce re-work
- Improve quality of product or service
- Attract new customers

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