The MiVoice 6940 is designed for the executive user who demands an exceptional device that meets their demanding communication needs. MobileLink enables the users’ mobile phone to pair directly with the 6940 using the embedded Bluetooth 4.0 interface to deliver access to many of the features of the mobile phone on the desk phone, making the MiVoice 6940 an invaluable companion to the mobile user’s smart phone. The 6940 affords users the flexibility to tailor the phone for specific needs through a broad array of end user installable add-on accessories. The 6940 is designed from the ground up to provide an exceptional HD audio experience via its unique speech optimized cordless handset, enhance full-duplex speakerphone and support for both Bluetooth and USB headsets. Supporting today’s high speed networks through dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, the 6940 offers an exceptionally large 7” color touch display, HD wideband audio with advanced audio processing, ninety-six programmable Personal keys and six context sensitive soft keys.

 Expansion Modules

The Mitel M695 can easily add 28 buttons to the existing Personal keys on a 6920, 6930 or 6940, enabling the MiVoice 6900 Series IP phones to become robust productivity enhancing desktop communication tools for users who need to monitor a large number of lines or Busy Lamp Fields. The M695 attaches easily to the 6900’s sidecar expansion port which provides power to the attached PKM(s) for a clutter free desktop. Up to three modules can be daisy-chained together to provide up to 84 programmable keys that can be programmed with all of the same feature types available on the Personal keys of the base phone.


System Software Requirements

  • MiVoice Business, Release 8
  • MiVoice Border Gateway (teleworker), Release 9.4
  • MiCollab Client, Release 7.2.2


  • Designed for power conservation
  • Accepts standards-based (IEEE 802.3af) Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • PoE Class 3 with automatic PoE Class

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Criteria Details
Feature Keys6 pages of 16 programmable Personal soft touch keys for access to Lines, Speed Dials and Telephony functions
 6 context sensitive touch soft keys
 11 dedicated feature keys plus dial pad
Expansion Module28 programmable keys
 4.3'' 480 x 272 pixel color backlit LCD display
 All attached PKM's powered by the phone - no seperate power adapter required
Audio and CodecsMitel Hi-Q Audio Technology
 Speech optimized cordless handset
 Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset
 Full-duplex high quality speakerphone
 Codecs: G.711 u-law / A-law, G.729, G.722, G.722.1
 Headset connection interfaces – USB, Bluetooth 4.1
Flexible Headset OptionsThe Mivoice 6940 IP Phone offers native USB and Bluetooth headset support.
 Wired Analog Headset SupportNo
 EHS Headset SupportNo
 USB Headset SupportYes
 Integrated DECT HeadsetYes (optional)
Display and Indicators7” (800x480 pixel) color touch display that delivers a rich visual experience for maximum productivity
 Intuitive graphical user interface and navigation menus
 Adjustable screen brightness for user comfort in different lighting environments
 Dedicated LED for call, message waiting and Mobile Device Connect indication
Protocol SupportMitel IP (MiNet) protocol support
 MobileLinkMobile Call Audio via desk phone
  Mobile Contact Sync
 Ethernet Ports2 x GigE
 Detachable Keyboard SupportNo (on screen keyboard)
 Optional Wall Mount SupportYes
 LCD PKM SupportYes (3 max)
 Sidecar expansion portYes
 Multiple Language supportEnglish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch
Power ConsumptionPower ConsumptionIdle 1.8W
  Typical 9.0 W
Environmental / Regulatory StandardsOperationalOperational +4 Degrees Celsius
  Humidity 34% at +49 Degrees Celsius 95% at +29 Degrees Celsius
 StorageOperational -40 Degrees Celsius to +70 Degrees Celsius
  Humidity 15% at =70 Degrees Celsius 95% at +29 Degrees Celsius



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