Mode of action:

The aqueous solution of Rhenodiv BO-7672-2 forms a thin release film on the surface of rubber compounds. This film prevents the sticking of sheets and semi-finished articles and the curing together of open cured profiles. Rhenodiv BO-7672-2 compensates the disadvantages of strong dusting agents (e.g. talc) and also prevents water stains in steam cures.

In continuous processing, sheets coated with Rhenodiv BO-7672-2 are more easily caught by the rolls than sheets treated with pure soap solutions. Small amounts of Rhenodiv BO-7672-2 incorporated in the mix cause no problems during processing. Neither physical properties nor aging behavior of the vulcanization is affected by Rhenodiv BO-7972-2.


It is recommended to stir Rhenodiv BO-7672-2 before use or to pre-dilute the total content of the container with water to achieve a homogeneous dispersion. When diluting with water, it is recommended to start-off with the concentrate and then gradually add the required amount of water. Semi-finished articles whose surfaces require good tacking and welding properties must not be treated with Rhenodiv BO-7672-2.


recommended concentration 5-10 %


green compounds

Storage stability

In original closed containers under cool and dry conditions 15 months from date of production. Avoid freezing.


Please consult safety data sheet for additional handling information concerning Rhenodiv BO-7672-2.

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50 kg steel drums/400 kg skids, 170 kg steel drums on 680 kg skids, 200 kg plastic drums on 800 kg skid, 950 kg IBC

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aqueous solution of a blend of fatty acid salts with water-soluble high molecular substances


white to yellow viscous liquid

Density, 20 °C

approx. 1.02 g/cm³

Solids content

approx 26 %

pH, 20 °C

approx. 9.9


soluble in water

Physiological properties

see safety data sheet



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