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Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR is a curing system consisting of a curing resin and zinc oxide, pre-dispersed in butyl rubber. It is used for crosslinking butyl rubber and other elastomers, e.g. EPDM, SBR, NBR, BR, IR, and halogenated butyl rubber. Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR is especially suitable for manufacturing bladders and curing bags based on IIR. Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR is delivered as predispersed, polymer bound granules. This supply form facilitates the weighing and metering of the product. The difficult incorporation of the resin and zinc oxide, especially in butyl rubber, is significantly facilitated and improved, resulting in high-quality products. Studies have shown a significant improvement of the service life of bladders..


The thermoplastic binder, especially developed for the use in butyl rubber in combination with special dispersing agents allows quick absorption and excellent dispersion in the rubber. In this way, optimal activity of the effective substance is assured.


Usually 15-25 parts of Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR are used for cross-linking 100
parts of rubber.
Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR can be either incorporated on the mill or in the internal
mixer. Normally, it is added at the end of the mixing cycle. Halogenated
polymers (CR: 5-10 phr, CIIR: 10-15 phr) or metal halogens (approx. 2.5 phr)
can activate cross-linking

Storage stability

In original closed containers under cool and dry conditions 730 days from date of production


For additional handling information on Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR please consult current safety data sheet.

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20 kg cartons with PE bag inside on 800 kg plastic skid

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Combination of a thermo-reactive alkylphenol resin with zinc oxide (70 %); elastomeric binder (IIR) and dispersing agents (30 %).


off-white granules

Density, 20 °C

approx. 1.25 g/cm³

Physiological properties

see safety data sheet



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