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  1. Sika - Sikalastic-560 Sika - Sikalastic-560

    Sika - Sikalastic-560

    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0012

    - Sikalastic-560 is a cold-applied, one-component waterborne liquid applied waterproofing membrane, highly elastic and UV-resistant and seals roof leaks and considerably extends the roof service life.

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  2. SikaTop Seal-109 MY SikaTop Seal-109 MY

    SikaTop Seal-109 MY

    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0014

    - SikaTop Seal-109 MY is a cementitious, two-part, polymer-modified flexible waterproofing coating applied to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration

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  3. Sikalastic-1 KMY Sikalastic-1 KMY

    Sikalastic-1 KMY

    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0011

    - Sikalastic-1 KMY is a one component, flexible, fibre-reinforced mortar, based on cement modified with special alkali-resistant polymers, contains special waterproofing additives and suitable for application by brush, roller or trowel

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  4. Sika WP Shield-104 P Sika WP Shield-104 P

    Sika WP Shield-104 P

    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0005

    - This type of membrane is manufactured by modifying premium grade asphalts with atactic poly propylene and specially reinforced with non- woven polyester and shows excellent strength, elasticity and durability

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  5. Sikadur-52 MY Sikadur-52 MY

    Sikadur-52 MY

    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0009

    - Sikadur-52 MY is a two part, solvent free, low viscosity injection-liquids, based on high strength epoxy resins

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  6. Sika-102 Sika-102


    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0006

    - Sika -102 is a chloride free, fast-setting cementitious mortar in prepacked powder form, and when mixed with water it becomes a powerful, fast-setting permanent waterplug

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  7. SikaPlast 257 SikaPlast 257

    SikaPlast 257

    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0002

    - SikaPlast 257 is a 3rd generation polymer based high performance, superplasticizer for producing soft consistency concrete and meets the requirements of ASTM C 494 Type D & G and mainly suitable for the manufacture of concrete for RMC plants and site batch concrete

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  8. Sika ViscoCrete SC-315 Sika ViscoCrete SC-315

    Sika ViscoCrete SC-315

    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0003

    - Sika ViscoCreteSC-315 is a highly effective super plasticizer with set retarding and mix stabilizing properties, meets the requirements for a concrete admixture type FM and VZ according to EN 934-2.

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