DIP Online UPS - DIP-903-II    

- High frequency and true online double conversion
- DSP-Digital control technologhy- With input power factor correction (PFC)
- Wide input voltage range (110V-300V)
- Output power factor 0.8 / 0.9
- ECO mode operation for energy saving
- Selectable output voltage via LCD
- Putput bypass settable for 1,2,3, KVA via LCD
- 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode available on 6-10KVA
- Selectable battery low volatage via LCD
- Automatically diagnose when starts
- Short circuit and overload protection
- Advanced battery management (ABM)
- Automatic changing of battery at UPS off mode
- Fan speed auto control when load varies
- Optional external battery for long backup
- Optional built in isolation transformer

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Technical Characteristics
Capacity (Liner Load)3KVA/ 2700W
Voltage rangeHalf load (115-295) +/- 5VAC, Full load (145-295) +/- 5VAC
Frequency range45.55HZ +/- 0.5% or 55-65Hz  +/-0.5%Hz (Auto Sensing)
Power factorGreater  than or Equal 0.98
Bypass Voltage RangeRated output voltage-34V-rated outputvoltage+32V
160V- rated putput voltage +32V
Voltage208V/220V/230V/240VAC setting available via LCD
Voltage Regulation+/-1%
FrequencySynchronized with utility on AC mode; 50/60HZ0.2Hz on battery mode
WaveformPure sine wave
Crest Factor3:01
Harmonic DistortionLess than or Equal 3%(Liner load); 5% (Non Liner load)
Overload capacity105%150% Transfer to bypass after 30s;  >150% Transfer to bypass after 30s
DC Voltage72V~96V
Inbuild Battery of SM3*7Ah, 8*7Ah
Recharge time90% capacity after 8 hrs charging
Backup 7-10minutes, depending on load and model, long backup to 60 minutes
Charge currentStandard model: 1A long time model: 6A
Optional SNMPPower management from SNMP manager and web browser
Alarm -Utility FailureBeep/4s
(-Battery Low)Beep/1s
(-Overload)Beep twise /1s
(-UPS Fault)Long beep
Noise levelLess than or Equal 50dB (1m)
Humidity20-90% RH at 0-40 Degree Celsius (non condensing)
Dimension (mm) W x D x H190 x 452 x 341, 190 x 470 x 314
Net weight (kg)13.0(S)
EMCEN 6+A1:B342040-1-1



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