Fujicool 4 Feet - Air Curtain 

Fujicool 4 Feet Air Curtain is a continuous broad stream of air circulated across a doorway of a conditioned space. And also it reduces penetration of insects and unconditioned air into a conditioned space by forcing an air stream over the entire entrance. Furthermore the air stream layer moves with a velocity and angle such that any air that tries to penetrate the curtain is en-trained. Air curtain effectiveness in preventing infiltration through an entrance generally ranges from 60% to 80%.

Air Curtain is a direction ally-controlled air stream. Moving across the entire height and width of an opening, which reduces the infiltration or transfer of air from one side of the opening to the other and/or inhibits flying insects, dust or debris from passing through.


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Country of OriginChina
Size4 Feet
Power supply220V,50Hz
Max Air Speed (Hi/Low)11/8 (ms)
Input PowerHi 200 / Low 160
Noise Level (db)Hi 58 / Low 56
Net Weight (kg)13
Air Flow Volume – Indoor (m3/h)Hi 1750 / Low 1200



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