The all in one AUTO EPS Mini Multi-Function Jump Starter is here to fulfill all your needs in one device.Avoid the hassle of dead batteries and flat tires on long journeys with this Jump Starter.This amazing device can jump start your car during emergencies and the three powerful emergency lights will provide you company in low light conditions. This Jump Starter also comes with an air compressor with gauge that lets you inflate flat tires and keep your tires in check!

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FeaturesJump Start all 12V Engine vehicles (Gasoline ≤ 5.0L , Diesel ≤ 3.0L)
 Emergency Flashlight
 Light Weight
ItemAUTO EPS Mini Multi-Function Jump Starter
Brand E Power
Capacity13,600 mAh
Input Voltage15V
Output Voltage5V, 12V, 16V, 19V
Starting Current 300A
Peak Current600A (3S)
Cycle Life3000 times
USB Ports1
Usage Temperature0°C to 60°C
Full Charge TimeAbout 3 hours
Dimensions (L x W x H)165x78x35mm
Color Black-Blue (As shown in image)
Warranty6 months against manufacturing defects
In the Box1 x Powerbank
 1 x Air Compressor
 1 x Pair of Two Tone Crocodile Battery Clips
 1 x Universal Charger Cable
 1 x Power Adapter
 1 x Car Charging Cable
 1 x Interchangeable Jack Head Set
 1 x User Manual
Important Note:Make sure that the engine is 12v otherwise the jump starter will get burned.
 Make sure that the jump starter has enough power, at least 80% before jump starting the vehicle else the jump starter will over-discharge.
 Take off the main unit within 30 seconds after starting the car
 If the wrong cables are connected, the cable will get short circuited
 If the +ve and -ve electrodes touch, the cable will be burned
 Do not disassemble the jump starter
 Do not store the product under direct sunlight, or store at places with heat.



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