Emerson Liebert ITA 6kVA - UPS

Liebert ITA is a full featured transformer free scalable UPS designed to offer compact efficient and reliable power to power thirsty mordern electronic gadgets. It features double conversion online design that ensure continuous high quality power even when the main AC power fails.

Utilize state of the art technology and components to withstand fluctuation of input voltage. Extra wide input voltage and frequency range effectively reduces the discharging period of battery; thus prolong battery life.

Deliver 0.9 Power factor that can power 10-20% more load than traditional UPS, makes it suitable for latest server models. Additionally its high power density allows the rack to have a smaller footprint. Liebert ITA uses soft-wire parallel operation mode without the need for complex parallel subrack, allowing the user to save on system cost.

Liebert ITA achieves upto 95% efficiency in double conversion mode and up to 98.5% in ECO mode ensuring effective load protection while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and environmental impact.



  • IGBT Based Rectifier
  • Advanced DSP Based Technology
  • 0.9 Output power factor
  • double conversion efficiency upto 98.5%
  • input power factor up to 0.99
  • Total current Harmonic Distortion
  • High capacity battery charger
  • Dynamic Design; Rack/tower convertible
  • ITA 5-20kVA scalable upto 4 units in N+X configuration
  • Integrated parallel load bus and synchronization port (LBS)
  • Phase compatibility
  • comprehensive value added options including LPD,UPD etc
  • Easy site installation and configuration



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 Rectier type IGT Rectifier
 Rated Voltage 220/380Vac single-phase three-wire/ three-phase four wire
 Input Voltage range Single-phase 120Vac-288Vac/ Three- phase 228Vac - 478Vac
 Input power factor 45 Hz - 65 Hz
 Input power factor 0.95 for three phase/ >=0.99 for single phase
 Battery type Lead Acid Maintenance free
 Charging Capability <6Hr of recharging of standard model
 No.of Battery 16 Nos of battery
 Rated Power (kVA/kW) 10kVA/9kW
 Rated voltage Single phase 230/220 vac
 Voltage Precision 3%
 Frequency precision 0.25%
 Output Voltage THD <3% for Linear load and <5% for non linear load
 Load Crest Factor 3:1 comply with IEC 62040-3
 Step Load Performance 100%
 Output Mode Terminal Strip
 Overload Preformance 105%-125%: 5 Mins, 125%-150%: 1 Min
 Conversion type Online Double Conversion
 Parallel Mode 3+1
 Installation Mode Rack/ Tower Convertible
 System efficency at 100% Up to 93%
 Noise (db) <55db
 LCD Display Yes (optional)
 Safety IEC/EN62040-1-1
 Electromagnatic compatibility IEC/EN62040-1-2, IEC/EN61000-3-11, IEC/ EN61000-3-12, YD/T1095-2008
 Surge Protection IEC/EN62040-2, Meeting IEC/EN66100-4-5
 Protection Level IP 20
 Dimension (mm) 435x640x85
 Net weight (kg) 21.5
 Interface type USB/ Intelligent Slot ( Dry Contact card/ Modbus card/ RS 485 Card
 Management Software Site Monitor
 Operating temp* 0 - 40 Degrees Celsius
 Relative Humidity 5-95% without Condensation
 Max Altitude <1500m (when the altitude exceeds 1500m. Derating is requied according to GB/T3859.2)



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