Emerson Liebert ITON 650va - UPS

Liebert PSA is a compact Line Interactive inverter that offers complete protection for workstations and electronic equipment. Liebert PSA presents a unique set of functions and impeccable performance.

Designed with easy-to-use controls, Liebert PSA guarantees up to 5 minutes of battery life to back up your data at full load ... more than enough to save jobs and turn off Your system. Liebert PSA comes with shutdown software and a USB cable to enable remote alerts and automatic shutdown of connected systems.


-Auto Sleep Mode
-Fast Charging
-Off Mode Charging
-Smart Microprocessor control
-Smart AVR Technology
-Cold start function
-Overload Protection and alarm
-Auto Restart

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 Criteria Details
 Model Number Liebert ITON CX
 Capacity 650/360
 Net Weight, lb (kg) 9.37 (4.25)
 Dimension – W x D x H, in. (mm) 3.98 x 10.98 x 5.6 x (101 x 279 x 142)
 On-Line Input Voltage 140 – 300VAC
 On-Line Frequency 50Hz (auto sensing)
 Output Voltage (Utility Power Normal) 230VAC
 Output Voltage (Battery Voltage) +10% & -10%
 On-Battery Wave Form Stepped sinewave
 Battery Type – VDC x Ah x Quantity 12V x 7 Ah x 1
 Typical Recharge Time 4 hours to 90%
 Battery Run Time 10 Minutes
 Operating Temperature, ˚F (˚c ) 32 to 104 (0 to 40)
 Storage Temperature -4 to 122 (-20 to 50)
 Operating/Storage Relative Humidity 0 – 90%, non-condensing


 ProblemPossible Causes Solutions
 Utility is normal, but LED is not illuminated. Battery capacity may be low • Recharge the UPS at least 6 hours
  The UPS battery reached end of life. • Recharge the battery with the same type of  battery.
  The UPS may not be turned on. • Press the On/Off button to turn on the UPS
 Alarm buzzer beeps continuously although utility power is  normal The UPS may be overloaded. • Disconnect some equipment from the UPS
 UPS does not provide expected The UPS may be overloaded • Disconnect some equipment from the UPS
backup time. Battery voltage may be low. • Recharge the UPS at least 6 hours
  The UPS battery reached end of life • Recharge the battery with the same type of   battery.
 Utility is normal, bot LED flashes The power code may not be connected properly. • Connect the power cord securely into a wall   outlet.


 Mode Input Voltage Load Capacity
   (0, 50%) (50%,70%) (70&, 110%)
 Normal Input Supply 230 Vac. Continually run Continually run Continually run
  Input Supply 210 Vac.   
  Input Supply 200 Vac.   
  Input Supply 250 Vac.   
 Boost 1 & Buck Input Supply 180 Vac. Continually run Continually run 30’
  Input Supply 270 Vac.   
  Input Supply 280 Vac.   
 Boost 2 Input Supply 165 Vac. Continually run 15’ 8’
  Input Supply 150 Vac.   



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