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Protection of the racking against collision from a fork lift truck is important. The expected lifetime will be extended and repairs limited. A number of basic protectors are available and for specific applications dedicated protectors have been developed, for example fall through protectors.

The corner protector
The corners of the racking are vulnerable to damage caused by collisions. The corner protectors are anchored on both sides of the upright.

The upright protector
The upright protector will reduce the damage caused by impact loads. Especially for installations with fast moving products or heavy products, upright protectors are essential for the safety and lifetime of the racking.

The frame protector
Constant traffic around the end-frames or the frames at the cross aisles often causes damage to the racking. The Stow frame protector is built with a sigma main beam, supported by two end protectors. For longer runs intermediate supporting brackets are mounted.

Push through protectors
Push through protectors can be used in single and double entry racks. They are often used to protect the wall of the building, for instance in cold-stores, or to guarantee the space between the pallets in double racks for the fire protection system. The stop beam can also be used to fix cladding on the back of the racking.

Specific customised protectors
- Fall through protectors above passages.
- Wheel stops at the front of carpet racks or live storage systems.
- Full length upright protectors, often used for carpet racks and
  racks with a high risk of collision.

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