When it comes to your communications solution, sometimes it needs to provide support for more than just the latest in VoIP technologies. This could entail support for analog trunks for emergency purposes or analog fax machines for the business. Mitel 3300 Controllers are specifically designed hardware platforms on which the Mitel MiVoice Business communications solution can reside on. Together they provide your buisness with a complete communications solution that provides voice communications, unified messaging, auto-attendant, digital / analog trunking, and support for analog devices, such as fax machines - all in a single package. The other unique aspect of the Mitel 3300 Controller is that it can be deployed as a media gateway, providing your business with a “gateway” to productivity enhancing solutions, like unified messaging and mobile integration - all without having to remove your existing communications system

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Specification3300 MXe III 3300 MXe III 
Maximum number of devices (including softphones and Contact Center agents)3501500
Maximum number of IP phones3001400
Maximum number of SIP devices / Users3001000
Maximum ACD Agents100350
Maximum 5550 IP Consoles1624
Maximum MiVoice Business Consoles1624
Maximum number of Analog devices350576
Included1 Quad DSP Module1 Quad DSP Module
Power Supply, 64Power Supply, 128
Echo Cancellers AMBEcho Cancellers AMB
Main Software Storage Media32 GB Solid State32 GB Solid State
Drive or 160GB SATADrive or 160 GB SATA
Hard DriveHard Drive
Installed RAM512 MB512 MB
Available MMC Slots65
MMC Slots forDual FIM, Quad CIM,Dual FIM, Quad CIM,
Single and Dual T1/E1,Single and Dual T1/E1,
Quad BRI, Quad  DSP,Quad BRI, Quad  DSP,
DSP II and DSP II and 
Echo CancellerEcho Canceller
Maximum embedded T1/E1 digital trunk modules34
Maximum embedded BRI modules34
10/100/1000 MB Ethernet ports22
Maximum Quad DSP or (DSP II modules)3 (2)3 (2)
Maximum Echo Canceller Channels64192
Maximum G.729a compression channels (DSP II=128, Quad DSP=32, Dual DSP=16)128192
Maximum T.38 channels3232
Maximum number of NSU’s88
Maximum number of digital links (except BRI)1616
Maximum Embedded BRI interfaces (2 channels per interface)1212
Maximum number of Dual FIM modules 4 4
Dual FIM can be used to connectNSU, DSU, Triple FIMNSU, DSU, Triple FIM
card and SX200 Bay card and SX200 Bay 
Analog Main Board6 LS trunks,6 LS trunks,
4 ONS ports4 ONS ports
Analog Option Board00
Analog Line card slots00
Maximum number of CIM connected ASU’s1212
Maximum number of Fiber and Copper connected SX200 Bays77
Tone generators128128
Tone detector circuits3232
E2T Channels64128
DTMF Receivers128192
IP Networking – max IP trunks20002000
between MiVoice Business systems  
IP Networking – total max IP trunks20002000
SIP Trunking – total maximum SIP trunks20002000
SIP trunking – max SIP trunks between peers20002000
Maximum controllers in a cluster999999
STP and RSTPYesYes
Embedded voice mail ports as standard2020
Maximum embedded Voice mail ports3030
Maximum mailboxes750750
Storage hours130 with SDD 130 with130 with SDD 130 with
Maximum messages per mailbox100100



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