Promate Auradock 3 - Wireless Charger

AuraDock-3 ensures you'll never go without a well-charged smartphone. This dock is compatible with all Qi compatible devices and fits most smartphone cases. The dock's small size makes it extremely versatile - perfect for the office, bedroom, kitchen and beyond.
Quickly check whether your device is charging or not with the Promate AuraDock-3 Universal Wireless Charging Stand built-in LED charging indicator. A stylish LED glows if the phone is charging, illuminating the edges of the pad and augmenting the look of the pad - and your device - even further.
Using the latest Wireless Fast Charge technology, all Qi-Enabled smartphones can wirelessly charge up to 1.4x quicker than previous Qi charging methods. Using fast wireless charging technologies, you can recharge your Qi compatible smartphone fully in just two hours.
Built-in dual coil offers you flexible charging area and more unlimited wireless charging experience. The fast wireless charger allows you to charge your phone vertically or horizontally, which means you can enjoy movie and music, making calls or sending messages without interrupting while charging.
Charge without removing your case. The AuraDock-3 Wireless Charging Pad Stand is engineered to work with most lightweight cases.
The Promate Qi Wireless Charging Stand's automatic shut off feature prevents your smartphone from continuing to charge once the battery is full, providing a smarter, more efficient charging solution over traditional mains chargers.

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Input5V/2A; 9V/1.67A
Output9V 1.1A
Charging Distance3-10mm
ChipsetST (STM8S003F3P6)
Transfer Efficiency73%
Transmitting Power15W
CompatibilityCompatible with all Qi enabled devices
Over-Charging ProtectionYes
Over-Heating ProtectionYes



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