Promate AuraPack-10 - Wireless Charging Power Bank with LED Display

This Qi battery charger is a high-performance QI wireless charging transmitter and a high capacity 10000mAh rechargeable battery. Incredibly sleek & lightweight, AuraPack-10 is portable & easy to carry around. Engineered to be an efficient and high-speed charging pad for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and other Qi-enabled devices; just lay your phone on the charging pad and go. AuraPack-10 Wireless Charging Pad can charge through most lightweight cases. Charge any USB powered devices with ultra-fast dual USB charging ports. With AuraPack-10, stay powered up always.

2-in-1 Technology: This Qi battery charger is a high-performance Qi wireless charging transmitter with 10000mAh rechargeable battery.
Qi Compatibility: Qi is a wireless technology that uses inductive charging. The Wireless Charging Pad has been engineered to be Qi compatible, allowing it to charge phones, tablets and other accessories with Qi technology.
Cable-Free: No more cables, no more messy charging stations. Simply place your device on the non-slip charging surface that's designed to help secure your device while charging. Keep charging simple, even when your hands and day are full.
Dedicated Lightning, Micro USB or USB-C inputs: The AuraPack-10 can be recharged using either Lightning cable or Micro USB or USB-C cable. Now you can conveniently use the same cable to charge your phone and external battery.
Ultra-Fast Dual USB Ports: Charge your USB powered devices with ultra-fast dual USB ports
Case Compatibility: Charge without removing your case. The AuraPack-10 Wireless Charging Pad is engineered to work with most lightweight cases.
Adaptive Charging: Automatically detects connected devices and supplies the maximum charge current to the USB powered devices.
Universal Connectivity: AuraPack-10 is compatible with all Qi compatible devices.
Safe & Reliable: AuraPack-10 is totally safe & dependable as it offers over-charging & short-circuit protection.

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Battery Capacity10000mAh
Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Micro-USB5V, 2A
Lightning Connector5V, 1.5A
USB Type-C5V, 2A
USB 15V, 1A
USB 25V, 2.1A
Wireless Charging9V-1.1A 5W(max)
Charging Time3-4 hours
Wireless Charging Distance3-8mm



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