Promate Chime - Headphones

The closed, dynamic, supra-aural Soul headphones immerse you in great sound.
The speakers provide excellent isolation from outside noises, so you can enjoy a
superb acoustic experience without being disturbed. The steel-reinforced headband
ensures lasting strength and durability.

Adjustable Headband Fit:
The exceptional design allows you to easily adjust the tightness of the headband for problem-free usage.
All About the Bass:
Drop into lush, powerful lows. EXTRA BASS pumps up the low-end frequencies with an acoustic bass booster for deep, euphoric sound.
Soft and Comfortable Earmuffs:
The soft and comfortable cushioned earmuff is covered with thicken foam, which express pillow-soft and burden-free feeling after long listening sessions. It is deliberately tough and durable: no amount of grabbing, squishing and bending is going to damage it. Chime meets the requirement of all head sizes. What’s more, the soft and comfortable cushioned earmuff also help you minimize tiredness.
3.5mm Connector for Superior Performance:
Headphones headset is compatible with Apple iPod, mobile devices, mp3 players with 3.5mm audio jack. This On-Ear Headphone has a 3.5mm connector for a high-quality connection that delivers great stereo sound. These earphones are compatible with most mobile phones, tablets and other devices with a 3.5mm port.
Untangled Wires:
With the Promate Chime, you needn't worry about knotted cables. The cable is specially designed to resist tangling, so you can store them however you want and pull them straight out, ready for use when you need them.
Noise Cancellation:
Enjoy your favorite tracks without any disturbance.

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Driver Unit Diameter40mm
Sensitivity58dB +/-2dB A4
Impedance32 omega
Input Jack3.5mm
Cable Length1.2m



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