Liebert SX - 88kVA - UPS

Flexibility and Compatibility

Libert SX can be fully adapted to meet diverse requirements in terms of battery backup time, power redundancy and configuration.

Maximum flexibility is also ensured from:

- Output power Factor 1
- Output Power factor diagram symmetrical respect to zero
- Permanent 100% kVA – no derating with any load (lagging or leading)
- Optimum space/power ratio
- Wide range of standard options including: Isolation transformer (integrated in UPS cabinet), System Bypass Switch and Synchronization Module (MBSM)


Advanced digitsl technology and maximum energy savings  for increased performance and optimized TCO.

Libert SX control platform incorporates double DSP, allowing it to provide the nost powerful control in the UPS industry. Together with the patented Vector control technology it enables an increased performance of power converters and real time control of output power quality. This combination of technology provides the following benefits.

- Zero impact on upstream equipment
- Perfect compatibility with generators
- Enhanced performance for specific unbalanced load conditions
- Perfect load sharing for parallel configurations
- Enhanced fault clearing capacity (up to 300% of the inverter nominal current)
- Intelligent double conversion for maximum reliability and highest energy savings.

Full Galvanic Isolation

Integrated full galvanic isolation, meaning that UPS cabinet has a built-in isolation transformer. This greatly reduces the footptint thus providing space saving advantages. In addition, the transformer  can be connected to the input or to the output of the UPS, providing:

- Installation with two independent input sources (with different neutrals)
- Installation in distribution without neutral

Energy Saving

Maximum Energy Savings

As a result of intelligent double conversion techniology, Libert SX can achieve optimum efficiency values in all operating conditions, making it capable of reducing running costs also at partial load. This architecture also allows for reduced energy dissipation (kW) thus significantly minimizing the consumption of the cooling System.

Digital Interactive Mode (DIM)

If priority has been set to digital interactive mode, intelligent double conversion technology will allow Liebert SX to continously monitor the condition of the input supply, including its failure rate, to ensure maximum reliability for critical users. On the basis of the analysis performed, it will decide whether to supply the load through the directr line or the conditioned line. This operational mode, which allows significant energy savings by increasing the overall AC to AC efficiency up tp 98%.


Liebert SX features a 15 language graphic LCD display, allowing easy interaction with the UPS through the navigation menu design. The UPS offers the following standard communication fetaures:

- Voltage-free contact ports
- Digital inputs and outputs
- Two serial ports and LAN connection
- Two internal slots for LIFE. Net and connectivity options.

Hardware Connectivity

Manage UPS NET ensures the monitoring and control of the networked UPS, through the TCP/IP protocol. Two different optionspermit:

- The integration UPS with building Monitoring and Automation Systems via  MODBUS RTU, MODBUS/TCP or JBUS protocols
- The monitoring of environmental conditions where the UPS sustems are installed.

Software Connectivity

MopUPS Professional provides the safe shutdown of operating system in the event of an interruption to thr load. This includes event logging and gives notification via e-mail.

ManageUPS CIO software provides a central management system for critical power infrastructures distributed within a building, campus or wide area network environment.

Parallel Ready

Liebert SX can be connected upto eight units in parallel. A single Liebert SX unit can be upgraded to parallel via easy to modify software settings that allow the system to be customized for the requesnted configuration.

Liebert SX self configuring, hot plug parallel features means that the system automatically selects when new units have been added without the need for stopping the system. This simplified parallel process provuides maximum flexibilty in terms of scalability for capacity and redundancy.

Intelligent paralleling – Energy Saver

Liebert SX Intelligent paralleling feature adjusts available UPS capcity to meetr immediate load requirements by automatically switching excess module capacity to standby, thus greatly improving efficiency at partial load and reducing operating costs.


LIFE.net24x7 Remote Diagnostic System ensures that your critical power protection system is maintained in anoptimum state of readiness at all times. maintenance program provuides remote diagnosis, monitoring and management of the operational status of UPS and power distribution system, provides early warning of any alarm condition or out of tolerance status, allowing effective proactive maintenance and fast incident response, for complete security and peace of mind.







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Technical Characteristics 
Output active power (KW)88
Apparent nominal output power (KVA)88
Nominal primary mains input coltage/voltage range(V)320 to 460V .3 phase + neutral
Nominal bypass input voltage / voltage tolerance (V)400 +/- 10% (380V, 415V selectable) 3 phase + Neutral
Nominal input frequency/frequency tolerance (Hz)45-65
Input current distortion (THDi) (%)<3
Input power factor>0.99
Walk in / Soft start (seconds)1 to 90
Rectifier Hold OFF (Seconds)1 to 180
DC Parameter 
Battery compatibilityVRLA/ Wet Acid/Ni-Cd
Flexibilty in battery blocks40-50 12V monoblocks (240 cells to 300 cells) - 2 V cells
Nominal output voltage (V)400 (380 V, 415 V selectable) 3 phase + Neutral
Output voltage stability by load variation 0-100& (%)+/-1
- StaticComplies with IEC/EN 62040-3, Class 1
- Dynamic 
Nominal output frequency (Hz)50 (60 Hz selectable)
Output frequency variation (Hz) (+/-)1 (2,3,4 selectable)
- with mains synchronization+/-0.1
- with internal reference 
Inverter overload capacity125% for 10 min., 150% for 1 min
Compatibility with loadsAny power factor (leading or lagging) up to 1                    
 Without output derating: crest factor up to 3:1
Classification according to IEC/EN 62040-3VFI SS 111
Operating temperature (Degree Celsius)0-40
Relative humidity (without condensation at 20 Degree Celsius)<95%
Protection levelIP 20
Frame ColourRAL 7021
Overall efficiency (%)Up to 96% in Double conversion mode                                       
(for tolerance see IEC 60146-1-1)Up to 98% in Digital interactive mode
Dimensions and Weight 
Height (mm)2000
Width (mm)1000
Depth (mm)900
UPS Weight (kg) Approx.415



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