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Our packaging is customized not only to ensure the safety of your products, but also to provide marketing and brand building opportunities for you through attractive designs, eye catching colors and clear trade marking.

Our product range for corrugated cartons includes Brown liner to White liner , 3ply to 7 ply, B Flute, C Flute and E Flute, regular slotted, die cut, unprinted and printed cartons, laminated cartons and Our designs include die cut cartons, display cartons, hanger pack cartons, trays and any other design specification that you require.

And also Uni Dil paper sacks have made a name for high strength and print quality, and can be produced to whatever specifications you require.

UniDil Paper Sacks

Uni Dil manufactures a range of environmentally friendly paper sacks that can be used to package many different products. Uni Dil paper sacks are distinguished by their high strength, durability, strong resistance to environmental elements and design aspects. Our paper sacks can be made to customer specification and can be manufactured plain or with print options that include striking and long lasting colors.

Multiwall Paper Sacks and Rigid Tea Sacks  

Uni Dil multiwall paper sacks in 4Ply, 3Ply, 2Ply and 1Ply, are 100% virgin food grade semi-extensible kraft sacks that can be used to package foods. The sacks are commonly used to safely and securely package graded teas as they conform to food standards and retain the freshness of the packaged teas and protects the tea from external elements.

The sacks are manufactured using standard sack kraft paper with an inner layer of laminated paper and metalized polyester / aluminum foil. the top and bottom of the sacks are secured with a pasted valve type and can have an open top or full open top. The sacks can be plain or printed to customer specifications.



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 Dimensions (L x W x H): 1120mm X 720mm X 180mm Export
  660mm X 610mm X 190mm Export
  900mm X 610mm X 190mm
 Capacity: 50kgs/25kgs/35kgs Of B.O.P. Black Teas



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