The source of “Pro Life” is the fine springs deep beneath the surface of the earth, and the water is purified in the state-of-the-art ultra modern and totally natural purification system designed under Mr Nihal de Silva, a well-known expert in water purification technology.  

They are committed to produce drinking water in a hygienically processed manner to satisfy and safeguard their customers. They are committed to develop the capabilities of  their employees in order to create a dynamic working environment.

Quality Management Procedures

•    Water Mart maintains its own in-house laboratory facility with capability to carry out chemical and Microbiological and analysis.
•    In addition to in-house testing, we have our water is independently tested regularly at the SLSI, ITI the Medical research Institute and Anala Laboratory,
•    Over and above the foregoing tests, our water is also regularly tested at the City Microbiological Laboratory, Maligawatte.


Owing to the highest quality standards in production and distribution, “Pro Life” was granted with the SLS 894 Certificate, and Health Ministry approval to market the brand. Thus, “Pro Life” premium drinking water is guaranteed to conform to the highest international quality standards.  Regular tests are performed in house to maintain the quality of water and reports are available on customer request. Quality certificates achieved by “Pro Life” bottled drinking water

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