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  1. Black Tea Concentrates Black Tea Concentrates

    Black Tea Concentrates

    SKU: OME-RAW-170071-0002

    Ceylon Tea concentrates are used to produce ready-to-drink teas, bag-in-box and as ingredients in other beverages.

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  2. Ceylon Tea Powder Ceylon Tea Powder

    Ceylon Tea Powder

    SKU: OME-RAW-170071-0001

    Ceylon Black Tea powders are used as an ingredient in ready-to-drink teas, 3-in-1 instant tea packs and various other applications. Ceylon Green tea powders, which are high in anti-oxidants, are used for ready-to-drink teas and also in functional beverages.

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  3. SikaPaver HC-1 SikaPaver HC-1

    SikaPaver HC-1

    SKU: OME-MUL-170026-0013

    - Sikalastic®-560 is a cold-applied, one-component waterborne liquid applied waterproofing membrane, highly elastic, UV-resistant, seals roof leaks and considerably extends the roof service life

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  4. KF0-62U-50A KF0-62U-50A


    SKU: OME-RAW-170028-0002

    FDA Compatible,Unfilled and High Performance SEBS Series, UV and Heat stabilizing package included

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  5. Rhenogran Resorcin-80 Rhenogran Resorcin-80

    Rhenogran Resorcin-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0017

    In direct bonding compounds, e.g. for the bonding system resorcinol/formaldehyde/silica

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  6. Rhenodiv SP-2891 Rhenodiv SP-2891

    Rhenodiv SP-2891

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0010

    It is a aqueous formulation of cross-link-able silicone can be apply for semi-permanent release agent for tire curing bladders

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  7. Rhenodiv FP-444 Rhenodiv FP-444

    Rhenodiv FP-444

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0008

    Rhenodiv FP-444 is a mixture of acrylic and SBR latex with mineral filler and carbon black.

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    RHEOLATE 666

    SKU: OME-RAW-170029-0012

    RHEOLATE® 666 is typically added just before the let-down or at the very end of the paint manufacturing process. Care should be taken in sensitive formulations to avoid possible shock or de-stabilization. In fine-particle or hydrophobic latex systems, when association can be strong, it is advisable to dilute the thickener first with an equal quantity of water. In non-sensitive systems the additive can be incorporated at any convenient stage.

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    SKU: OME-RAW-170029-0015

    BENTONE OC is a rheological additive based on untreated hectorite clay with a defined particle size. It is suitable for thickening and control of workability and flow of mineral-based construction systems.

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  10. Bayhydrol UH 2593/1 Bayhydrol UH 2593/1

    Bayhydrol UH 2593/1

    SKU: OME-RAW-170029-0016

    The product was developed specifically for the formulation of one- and two-component wood coating systems. It is characterized by very good wet film transparency, high hardness and good black heel mark resistance.

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