Potassium sorbate

Chemical name

Potassium sorbate; Potassium (E, E)-2,4-hexadienoate;Potassium salt of trans, trans 2,4-hexadienoic acid Chemical formula: C6H7KO2 Relative molecular mass:150.22


White or off white granular, slight characteristic odor, showing no change in colour after heating for 90 minutes at 105℃. freely soluble in water(approx.1400g/L at 20℃), less soluble in ethyl alcohol (approx.1g/L at 20℃)and practically insoluble in ether. It decomposes at about 270℃

Functional use

Preservative (food grade), antimicrobial agent. CAS NO.:24634-61-5 E number: E 202 EINECS number: 246-376-1 Date of expiry: 2 years Identification: Ultra-violet absorption: UV-Maximum264±2nm(solution of 0.002g/L i water at PH<3)

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Pack in 25kgs carton, 500kgs or 700kgs super bag.

Store in tight containers, protected from light, avoid exposure to excessive heat.

The quality of our potassium sorbate meets international standards such as --E202 -- GB 13736-2008 -- Food Chemical Codex (FCC 9 ) -- European Pharmacopoeia (EP) -- NF 32

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Packed in 25 kgs carton,500 kgs or 700kgs superbag.

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AppearanceWhite or off white granular
Assay99.0%~101.0% of C6H7KO2, on dry weight basis
Loss on drying≤1.0% (Karl Fischer method,105℃ for 3 hr), %
PH-Value8.5-10.5(5% water solution)
Acidity(as sorbic acid)Passes test (≤ 1%)
Free alkalinity ( as K2CO3), %Passes test (≤ 1%)
Melting range133-135℃
Test for PotassiumPasses test
Test for Double bondsPasses test
Aldehydes (as formaldehyde) %Not more than 0.1%
Sulfate(as SO4 -2)Not more than 380ppm
ChlorideNot more than 180ppm
Heavy metals(as lead)Not more than 10ppm
ArsenicNot more than 3ppm
LeadNot more than 2ppm
MercuryNot more than 1ppm
ZincNot more than 0.1ppm
CadmiumNot more than 0.02 ppm
Heat resistanceNo discoloration after heating 90 minutes at 105℃

Not Less Than 90%

Spectrophotometry :solution of 5g/20ml in water



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