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  1. Rhenogran® Retarder E-80 Rhenogran® Retarder E-80

    Rhenogran® Retarder E-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0018

    "Rhenogran Retarder E-80 greatly retards the onset of cure without considerably extending the total curing time. It is preferably used with sulfenamide or thiazole accelerators to improve processing safety, leaving the properties of the vulcanizates generally unchanged."

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  2. Rhenogran® S-80 Rhenogran® S-80

    Rhenogran® S-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0019

    It is a  80 % sulfur, 20 % elastomer  binder and dispersing agents .it can apply for Plastic- and Rubberpolymers, Polymer auxiliaries, Polymer chain extender.

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  3. Rhenogran® Resorcin-80 Rhenogran® Resorcin-80

    Rhenogran® Resorcin-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0017

    In direct bonding compounds, e.g. for the bonding system resorcinol/formaldehyde/silica.

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  4. Rhenogran® PCZ-70/IIR Rhenogran® PCZ-70/IIR

    Rhenogran® PCZ-70/IIR

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0016

    Especially suitable for the vulcanization of bladders and curing bags based on IIR.

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  5. Rhenogran® MBTS-70 Rhenogran® MBTS-70

    Rhenogran® MBTS-70

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0015

    It’s a dibenzothiazyl disulphide.Plastic- and Rubber-polymers Polymer auxiliaries.

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  6. Rhenogran® IS 90-65 Rhenogran® IS 90-65

    Rhenogran® IS 90-65

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0014

    It’s a sulfur (min. 90% insoluble sulfur).It can apply for Any kind of tires, conveyor belts, retreading material, assembled hoses, etc

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  7. Rhenogran® CBS-80 Rhenogran® CBS-80

    Rhenogran® CBS-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0013

    It is a N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazylesulphenamide.Tire treads, Its applications are technical rubber components, e.g. air hoses, conveyor belts, footwear.

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  8. Rhenodiv® MR-30/1 Rhenodiv® MR-30/1

    Rhenodiv® MR-30/1

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0012

    Rhenodiv® MR-30/1 is a dispersion of a fatty acid derivative, alkali salt. It can apply for silicone-free mold release agent.

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  9. Rhenodiv® BO-7672-2 Rhenodiv® BO-7672-2

    Rhenodiv® BO-7672-2

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0011

    Rhenodiv® BO-7672-2 is aqueous solution of a blend of fatty acid salts with water-soluble high molecular can use for green compounds.

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  10. Rhenodiv® SP-2891 Rhenodiv® SP-2891

    Rhenodiv® SP-2891

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0010

    It is a aqueous formulation of cross-link-able silicone can be apply for semi-permanent release agent for tire curing bladders.

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