Delivery & Returns Policy

OMENTRA states that we will not be responsible for any delivery and / or returns of any products you would have ordered through the website from third party suppliers. You accept that you will be abiding by the terms and conditions as set out by the said third party suppliers you would be availing any services from through this website.

We, however, undertake to ensure that in the event the third party supplier offers any warranties and / or guarantees in respect of Delivery and Return of a product (as advertised in the website), we shall ensure that the said third party supplier shall adhere to the said terms and conditions stated therein.

You agree and accept that you will not hold us in any manner or form liable and / or responsible for any failure, omission, negligence and shortfall or otherwise in the delivery and / or return of a product of any third party supplier you may have contracted with through this website unless otherwise specifically indicated by us on our website.