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Rhenodiv FP-444 is a specially formulated water-based product especially developed for use in tire manufacturing. It provides a tires finish closely matching the appearance of the original new tire. Rhenodiv FP-444 dries to a permanent, flexible film which resists cracking or peeling even during flexing or stretching. Rhenodiv FP-444 is resistant to water and detergent washings.
Rhenodiv FP-444 provides excellent wetting, leveling, and spreading on rubber surfaces with little tendency to run during application. It covers cosmetic defects such as surface discolorations, roughness, or abrasions without imparting excessive gloss or a painted appearance.


Rhenodiv FP-444 is evenly applied on the clean tire by using a spray gun or a soft brush. The product will dry to a smooth coating, providing the tire with a uniform appearance. In case of acidental spillage the product should be wipedoff immediately. Rhenodiv FP-444 can easily be rinsed-off from most surfaces with water before drying in case of accidental spillage.


Rhenodiv FP-444 is ready-to-use and does not require dilution with water or solvents prior to use.

Storage stability

Recommended storage temperature 2-32 °C. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. Shelf life in original unopened containers under recommended storage conditions 12 months from date of production.


Please consult material safety data sheet (MSDS) for additional handling information on Rhenodiv FP-444.

Warranty & Gurantee

We offer on site warranty.

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Depends on the qty and stock availability.

Packaging Delivery

200 kg plastic drum on 800 kg pallets

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Mixture of acrylic and SBR latex with mineral filler and carbon black


Black liquid

Solids content

approx. 28 %

Density, 25 °C

1.06 g/cm³

Physiological properties

See safety data sheet



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