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About the company

We at Applitek source the best raw materials from world renowned suppliers while engaging in a B2B relationship with the food, cosmetics, paint, coatings, rubber, plastic and construction industries.

Our highly satisfied customers depend on us for products of the highest quality and also for new and innovative solutions that allow them to become competitive in the local market.

We provide complete commercial and technical solutions for every type of situation in relevant industries.

Our vastly experienced and technically trained sales executives are fully dedicated to providing service of the highest quality at every stage of our relationship.

Our business structure is broken down into two main services which are the Indent Business model & the Ex-Stock Business model. The Indent business mainly services the bigger conglomerates while the Ex-stock business is geared towards the small and medium sized enterprises. The Ex-Stock business also serves the bigger conglomerates by providing them with raw materials upon request. We have structured our business in such a way to make us more approachable by a wide range of parties, thus ensuring a bigger stake in the local manufacturing industry while not alienating any particular entities.

Our vastly experienced and technically trained sales executives provide valuable services that do not just stop at the point of delivery. They are dedicated to every customer is treated equally and fairly while always keeping the customer’s needs in mind. We hold our 1-on-1 relationships with both our valued principals and loyal customer in high regard, thus our executives as well as operations staff are invaluable to the process.


Involved in supplying and marketing of Rubber chemicals and Synthetic Polymers to relevant industries.

Our Product Range

  • Rubber Accelerators
  • Rubber Antioxidants
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Activators
  • Fillers
  • Specialty Rubber Chemicals
  • Anti-Tack Agents
  • Silicone Rubber

Our Strengths

  • Complying with legislations – REACH Registration
  • Quality and consistency of the products we supply is unmatched
  • Country of Origin is always indicated to ensure transparency
  • We facilitate the initial product development at our principal’s laboratory on behalf of the customer as a premium service



No 25, Foster Lane,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka
Tel  : +94–11-4739741
Fax : +94–11–2681139

[email protected]

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  1. Emulvin AS Emulvin AS

    Emulvin AS

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0020

    - Emulvin AS is a surface-active agent which serves both to give mechanical and chemical stability to dispersions.

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  2. Rhenogran S-80 Rhenogran S-80

    Rhenogran S-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0019

    It is a  80 % sulfur, 20 % elastomer  binder and dispersing agents .it can apply for Plastic- and Rubberpolymers, Polymer auxiliaries, Polymer chain extender

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  3. Rhenogran Retarder E-80 Rhenogran Retarder E-80

    Rhenogran Retarder E-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0018

    Rhenogran Retarder E-80 greatly retards the onset of cure without considerably extending the total curing time. It is preferably used with sulfenamide or thiazole accelerators to improve processing safety

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  4. Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR

    Rhenogran PCZ-70/IIR

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0016

    Especially suitable for the vulcanization of bladders and curing bags based on IIR

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  5. Rhenogran MBTS-70 Rhenogran MBTS-70

    Rhenogran MBTS-70

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0015

    It’s a dibenzothiazyl disulphide.Plastic- and Rubber-polymers Polymer auxiliaries

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  6. Rhenogran IS 90-65 Rhenogran IS 90-65

    Rhenogran IS 90-65

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0014

    It’s a sulfur (min. 90% insoluble sulfur).It can apply for Any kind of tires, conveyor belts, retreading material, assembled hoses, etc

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  7. Rhenogran CBS-80 Rhenogran CBS-80

    Rhenogran CBS-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0013

    It is a N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazylesulphenamide.Tire treads, Its applications are technical rubber components, e.g. air hoses, conveyor belts, footwear

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  8. Rhenodiv MR-30/1 Rhenodiv MR-30/1

    Rhenodiv MR-30/1

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0012

    Rhenodiv® MR-30/1 is a dispersion of a fatty acid derivative, alkali salt. It can apply for silicone-free mold release agent

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  9. Rhenodiv BO-7672-2 Rhenodiv BO-7672-2

    Rhenodiv BO-7672-2

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0011

    Rhenodiv BO-7672-2 is aqueous solution of a blend of fatty acid salts with water-soluble high molecular can use for green compounds

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  10. Rhenogran Resorcin-80 Rhenogran Resorcin-80

    Rhenogran Resorcin-80

    SKU: OME-RAW-170030-0017

    In direct bonding compounds, e.g. for the bonding system resorcinol/formaldehyde/silica

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