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Hemas is a diversified conglomerate with over forty companies under its solid wings. Subsidiaries across industry sectors have been established to better meet the needs of our valued consumers. Each subsidiary with its own specialization brings innovative technology and in-depth knowledge to execute operations that deliver our promises.

Our customers are at our heart. As a diversified conglomerate we serve our local and international customers across varied spheres in their lives; we are quite pleased to have grown with them over the years as a trustworthy brand. The Group, founded by Sheikh Hasannally Esufally (MBE) as a pharmaceuticals and trading enterprise commencing operations in 1948, is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Consolidated revenues in 2010-2011 were $164 million (Rs. 18, 067 million) and profits amounted to $12 million (Rs. 1,355 million). Shareholders' funds for the year were $81 million (Rs. 8,874 million).

Based in Sri Lanka, Hemas takes pride in offering affordable, practical and high quality products and services in our specialised sectors of FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Transportation and Leisure. Involved in manufacturing, import, export and distribution of products, we have introduced several reputed brands to the market. We offer quality and reliable services in every possible way. Our commitment to customers is reflected in Hemas’ unparalleled service offerings which are backed by the vast experience and solid expertise of our competent team.

Our unique culture brings together the values of the multiethnic island, celebrating diversity and acknowledgment of hard work. We support those with the desire and determination to strengthen their capabilities; those who thereby help the group advance in the competitive environment.

Giving back to society is a practice that runs deep in the veins of Hemas. With industry sectors and networks spread across Sri Lanka in our daily business, we give back to the communities we work with. In assisting the nation at times of need, we are quick to identify requirements and help in whichever we can.

In our continuous endeavor to make a positive difference in lifestyles, we at Hemas strongly believe that we’ve contributed to defining ‘comfort’, ‘satisfaction’, ‘innovation’ and ‘safety’ in the countries we serve in. Our strength, our values and our determination, will be passed down generations, embracing opportunities, ensuring that Hemas continues to enrich lives.

Over the last decade the Group has been singularly focused on growth - a strategy that enabled us to emerge as leaders in several of the sectors that we are involved in. As we look to the future we are committed in our determination to widen our product and service range, expand into the international marketplace, attract the best minds, and to improve our processes.


FMCG - This is the largest sector at Hemas. FMCG is involved in the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of a vast range of consumer products, most of which are household names.

Healthcare - Hemas has been involved in the healthcare sector for over 60 years and currently represents over 30 multinational companies from around the world.

Leisure - Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka (formally known as Hemtours), Hemas' destination management company is one of Sri Lanka's leading tour operators, with long term relationships with many leading travel companies in Europe and Asia. Hemas' three hotels are popular with tourists, and are located at strategic tourist destinations.

Transportation - The transportation sector offers a diverse range of services. It has the largest market share in Sri Lanka for airline representation, and is also involved in travel retailing, freight management, and courier services.

New Ventures – In moving with developments in the world, Hemas has ventured into IT and BPO services, gathering industry experts and local talent to offer quality services to local and international customers as highly competitive rates.

Hemas is involved in the property sector through Hemas House, which is owned and managed by Hemas Developments. Hemas House is a multi-storey office building with modern facilities.

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