Techfine UPS Online High Frequency Rack Mount (LCD) - CR2KVA

- True online
- Wide input voltage range
- Zero transfer time
- Protection against all types of power problems
- Smart RS232 interface
- Low initial investment and flexible for future expansion


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 Model  CR2KVA
 Rated output power  1400W
 Nominal voltage range  220VAC
 Voltage range  110V - 300VAC
 Frequency range  46 - 54Hz
 Power factor  greater than equal 0.97
 Voltage  220VAC +/- 2%
 Frequency  Synchronized 46 - 54Hz or 50Hz +/- 0.2Hz (Line mode) 50Hz  +/- 0.2Hz (Battery mode)
 Waveform  Sine Wave
 Power factor  0.7
 Voltage Distortion  lesser than equal 4% (full liner load)
 Overload capacity  108% - 150% for 30sec: More than or equal to 150% for  200ms
 Curent crest ratio 3:1 max
 Connection  Universal socket
 Type  Sealed, maintenance free, lead-acid
 AH / PCS  12V/7.2AH*6PCS
 KVA backup time (Full/Half)  9min/21mins
 KVAS backup time  Depends on the capacity of the external battery pack
 Recharge time  8 hours to 9%  of full capacity after ful, load discharge
 Transfer time  0 ms
 LED indicators Status  Battery level, battery mode AC made, inverter, bypass, overload, fault
 Audible alarm    Bypass Alarm beeps every two minutes
 Battery  discharge Alarm beeps every four  seconds, every second if battery get low 
 Overload Alarm beeps two for every second
 Fault Alarm beeps continously
 Acoustic noise At 1 meter distance 50dB
 Communications DB-9-port RS serial interface
 Dimension  D x W x H (mm)    465 x 480 x 90
 Battery pack L x W x H (mm)   465 x 480 x 90
Battery pack specifications  2U
 Applicable model  2KVA
 Battery quantity  12V/7.2AH*6PCS
 Net weight (kg)  11.32
 KVA gross weight (kg)  31.8
 KVAS gross weight (kg)  Depends on the battery box



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