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OptimaZ  is a patent pending solar mounting structure for Zn-Al trapezoidal sheets, Corrugated Sheets & Asbestos sheets.   In most of the times, this mounting system requires “ZERO” number of additional roof penetrations.    Made with acceptable quality materials with more than service life of the roofing material.

- Change the Orientation & Tilt of solar modules towards favorable  direction (“South”)
- Enhance Self-cleaning characteristics - gives better yield    , requires less frequent cleaning of solar modules.
- Facilitate and work as supports for walkways, conduits & pipes.
- Better ventilation gap and facilitate “Chimney” effect  to create continuous air circulation
- Lower material cost
- Faster installation
- Include module grounding system
- High quality materials to resist bimetallic corrosion, thermal expansions etc.

License fee only

OptimaZ will grant the License to reproduce for contacted number kWps of solar system

Price of supply of materials

OptimaZ will manufacture, supply all components required for installation

Price for supply & Installation

OptimaZ will manufacture, supply & perform installation

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